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Wind Chimes – Melodic, Soothing and Appealing to the Eye

Wind chimes have grown in popularity from ancient Rome until today, but for different reasons. They have been in existence since in China and Japan for centuries. They were hung from religious structures as a way to stop evil spirits from entering sacred places. The Romans called it “tintinnabulum” and they also believed in their magical powers to keep evil spirits out of their homes and gardens. Early wind chimes contained tinkling bells and a phallus, or good luck charm.

At one time, farmers and fishermen used them to measure the wind’s speed and direction. Several sets were used to determine more accurately from which direction the winds were blowing.


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The Beauty of Wind Chimes

Today, homeowners love to hang these works of art for their esthetic charm. You can even find a theme to match your décor. They are available in a wide selection of materials such as metal, wood, bamboo, shells, glass, coins and aluminum. The colors used can be the natural color of the materials or as in the case of glass, you can add any color you want.

These decorative pieces are not just for your outside living space. There are some especially made for indoors. In order to enjoy the melodic sound from inside your home, hang it wherever it may catch a breeze from an open window, near a ceiling fan, or near an air vent.

Do you love your pet? You can find animal charms of all kinds to add to the visual effect you want. Simple aluminum shapes or those made of clear or colored glass sparkle while reflecting the sunlight. They are now available in a solar-powered variety that combines soft, natural sound with a visual display of light after the sun has set.


The Sound of Wind Chimes

Certain tones affect the body’s self-healing process. Our minds are calmed and our spirits awakened by the effects of the natural sounds created by the breeze flowing through these art pieces. These awesome works of art combined with the gentle element of wind make a body/soul/spirit connection like no other sound can.

You determine the sound you enjoy from the type of material you choose. A tinkling sound is produced from shells, glass and coins. Bamboo produces a thumping sound that can be very soothing to some people. Metal tubes can tinkle or chime depending on the length and thickness of the tubes.




The Feng Shui and Wind Chimes Connection

The words “feng” and “shui” literally mean “wind” and “water.” These are the fundamental elements of life, or “Chi.” Followers of feng shui believe that positive Chi results in a happy, healthy and lucky life and negative Chi, Chi that moves too slowly, too fast or is stagnant, is destructive. The appealing sights and sounds of wind chimes are believed to cure negative Chi and enhance positive Chi.

Whether you believe in the ancient convictions of these works of art or are a follower of feng shui, scientific evidence of the effects of sound on the mind and body can’t be disputed. Ancient past beliefs and modern science agree that wind chimes are a lovely and magical way to add peace and tranquility to your garden and home.

Windchimes come in a staggering variety, including solar wind chimes, memorial wind chimes, wooden chimes, copper models, tuned chimes (this is great if you're a musician and can't stand out of tune chimes!), sympathy chimes, wine bottle style, soundless models, garden chimes, low resonating bass chimes, ceramic, hummingbird, grace note, butterfly, and probably a zillion more versions of outdoor chimes!  

A few of the best brands on the market that we like to recommend to our readers include Carson, Gentle Spirits, JW Stannard, Kaldorei, and others!  You can find high quality wind chimes for sale in stores, but really, the best place to shop is online.  Prices on the net are about 30% lower than in physical stores and you don't ever have to leave home to find the exact thing you're looking for!