Glass Wind Chimes - Stained & Fused Sea Windchimes

The sparkling effects and tinkling sounds put glass wind chimes at the top of the list. They are more expensive than most other types of chimes, but most people find them well worth the cost. Many people have even resorted to crafting them to save costs and to make an eye-catching design all their own.


glass wind chimes          


Unique Qualities of Glass Wind Chimes

Their distinctive good looks, reflective qualities, the sound they make in the wind and the myriad of colors available have everyone scrambling to place at least one of these in their home or patio. The pieces can be cut to reflect or absorb light and can be clear, frosted or colored. If you’ve never seen one hanging in direct sunlight and reflecting beams of light in a wild display that rivals fireworks, you’ve missed a spectacular scene.

They can do double duty as glass wind chimes and as sun catchers when hung indoors in a sunny window. Clear glass is absolutely stunning, but colored hues have a magnificent look all their own. Even small babies up to teens love it when they have their own unique chime in their bedroom window. The light reflecting from the glass sparks the imagination.

What’s so awesome about this type of chime is they don’t all sound alike even though they’re all made of glass. The smaller and thinner the pieces, the more their sound is light and tinkling. Heavier pieces of glass have a lower pitch. There are even long strips of glass that when they come together during a gentle breeze, have their own distinctive sound.




Beliefs about Glass Wind Chimes

The Chinese believe that when these wind chimes are hung in the front doorways of homes and temples, they chase away evil spirits. Followers of feng shui use them to bring good “Chi” or life to the inhabitants of the home. They believe they bring peace, tranquility and good luck to the family.

You may not be Chinese or a believer in feng shui, but you can still enjoy the lilting sounds and magnificent display of light emanating from these unique works of art.

It won’t be hard to locate a glass wind chime suitable for your home or office but you won’t find them in a traditional home improvement or large department store. The best place to locate them is at online boutiques or specialty stores during your travels. Many people take classes to learn how to make their own.

Since glass can be cut into any shape imaginable, you have a good chance of finding a theme you need to complete a room. You’ll find nautical themes, animal shapes, flowers, stars, hearts and every other shape to capture the imagination.

The cost of these beauties can be prohibitive when they are unique and one-of-a-kind. However, you can find them at reduced prices online and they are just as beautiful as the exclusive variety.

These chimes are very popular as house warming gifts because of their beautiful sounds and gorgeous good looks. You’ll find that very few people think to buy them as gifts, so your gift will be remembered for years to come. Glass wind chimes also do well as birthday, wedding and Christmas gifts.

There are tons of beautiful varieties, including stained glass wind chimes, sea glass wind chimes, Chinese glass wind chimes, fused glass models, Japanese models, beach glass varieties, vintage items, models made from glass bottle remains, plus many more oriental styles.  For the greener folk out there, there are even recycled glass chimes.  You can find the best chimes for sale online, simply because online retailers have prices about 30% lower than retail stores and you don't have to leave home to find exactly what  you're looking for!